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The origin of "Rise" began during 2020 after concerns for how lockdown conditions could impact mental health, we believed that more could be done to raise awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma. Our mission changed a couple of years later with the sudden resurgence and popularity of Andrew Tate, as his influence allowed him to convey toxic attitudes that we felt would negatively affect perceptions of masculinity. This was a major focus for our organisation, as we needed to reduce the stigma associated with men's mental health by breaking down those outdated and extreme gender conventions. Since then, we have been keenly focusing on tackling toxic attitudes, as it creates further stigma, we want to present the reality that toxic mentality has a damaging effect on those influenced. We want to inspire other men into being themselves, and to not become toxic individuals out of fear of rejection. Mental health is a sensitive subject for a lot of men, as traditional gender norms dismiss emotion and feelings. We feel this is our mission to change perception of mental health and masculinity, so that less men suffer in silence and we can move towards further acceptance and less stigma.  

What is R. I. S. E.? 

Realise: we want to help you to "realise" your potential by accepting your mental health and overcoming your struggles. This also applies to the realisation of your own mental well-being, as it can be hard sometimes to understand your struggles and mental health can be complex to categorise. We want you to realise your individuality, accept what makes you unique and know that you are not alone.


Inspire: one of our goals is to inspire change regarding mental health stigma and masculinity. This is important because a lot of men can sometimes be struggling with their mental health, yet they may feel they cannot speak about it because of masculine conventions. Moreover, we want to inspire all of you and encourage you to all inspire each other. We want to inspire confidence, so we can work towards a more empathetic and understanding society. 


Support: this is a key element of our overall goals, as we need to create an encouraging and supporting digital environment for others to share their experiences and to establish a virtual community of mental health support. Through continued support, we can inspire more people to speak about their mental health, which may encourage others to speak out.


Empowerwe need to empower more dialogue around men's mental health, to ensure that younger generations feel they can speak about their mental well-being, without fear of societal rejection. This is a continued struggle, we need to change perceptions of masculinity and work towards a more positive mentality. We want to empower other men to speak up about mental health, which will in turn encourage more men to speak about their emotions and struggles. It is about time we stop being controlled by outdated expectations of masculinity, and instead we evolve what it means to be a man as more empathetic and understanding individuals.  


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