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Hello, welcome to our official website for R. I. S. E. We are happy to have you here, feel free to contact us anytime using the "Let's Chat!" feature, located as our icon in bottom right-hand corner. 

Why we need to take action? 

Within our society outdated masculine perceptions still exist, which often means that men can find it difficult to talk about their emotions out of fear of social rejection. Even though society has progressed a lot within recent years, there is still a lot of stigma especially around mental health. Traditional concepts of masculinity often present men as not showing emotion and this presents an unrealistic expectation of what it means to be a man. The main issues stem from the fact that traditional representations of masculinity present negative traits as strengths, which can influence how some men may feel about themselves. This can have damaging effects on younger generations of men because they may feel they cannot express their emotions because it is not the "conventional" thing to do. This process of changing perceptions takes a lot of time and we cannot completely eradicate years of historical gender conventions over night, but we can raise more awareness on the issue and promote positive masculinity. We need to show the reality of masculinity, change perceptions and spread wellness and acceptance within our online communities. 

What are we doing?

Through our strategic decision to implement a multimedia format, we have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. It was important that we used social media to spread our message, as it allows us to speak directly to you, and also provides the ability for you to speak directly to us. We want our organisation to raise awareness of men's mental health, and to also provide a resistance against toxic attitudes. We need to change outdated perceptions of masculinity to prevent these expectations from affecting younger generations. The road to progress is not easy, and that is why we need YOU. We want to be able to inspire men who are suffering internally to seek out support and understand their mental well-being. Speaking about your issues is even harder when you feel you will be judged because of it. Let's stop these masculine conventions, so we can work towards reducing the stigma of mental health and inspire positive attitudes. 

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